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Outdoor Living Connects is a loyalty program for clients of a family of companies in Charlotte, North Carolina, who you can trust to deliver the same high quality, expert service you have come to expect.

Outdoor Living Connects brings together our family of companies ensuring you always have access to the right service professionals at the right time at the right price.

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America’s acclaimed #1 choice for custom design and building of beautiful, functional and affordable outdoor living spaces. This includes sunrooms, decks, outdoor kitchens, porches, patios, hardscapes, shade structure and fire features.

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Conserva Irrigation

Your sprinkler system caretaker, to ensure you enjoy huge water savings while maintaining the greenest, lushest lawn possible.

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Renew Crew

Keep your outdoor living space looking just like new forever with our propriety deep-clean and super-seal treatment for weathered outdoor wood and hardscape surfaces.

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Outdoor Lights

Transform your home’s exterior and landscape into works of illuminated art after dusk with custom exterior lighting designs using the eco-friendliest and energy-efficient lighting available.

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Mosquito Squard

Say goodbye to mosquitoes with the original inventor of the Protective Barrier Treatment – eliminating them on contact for up to 3 weeks, all season long.

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